WIN’s independent sector market research project, WINTEL, resuming in 2021

WIN is pleased to announce the launch of the survey phase of its market research project WINTEL. This new edition, produced with research partners House of Research, will focus on analysing the impact of COVID-19 on the independent recorded music sector, and providing essential information and resources to the network of associations.

WINTEL is WIN’s flagship market research project. Previous WINTEL editions, covering the period 2015 to 2017, represent the most comprehensive assessment of the global independent recorded music sector ever compiled. WINTEL 2021 will cover the gap between the last report and 2020, and will analyse the impact of COVID-19 on revenue, employment and investment.

In addition to mapping the economic contribution of the global independent music sector, the emphasis of WINTEL 2021 will be on providing resources for WIN’s association members, to assist them in their advocacy efforts and other activities. It also aims to become a key tool for independent music companies, giving them better insights of music markets country-by-country.

The scope and objectives of WINTEL 2021 were finalised with WIN’s association network via a webinar on January 20th hosted by WIN and House of Research. For the first time, a multi-lingual survey will be used to gather data from participants around the world. This will be open from 16th February 2021 through March 2021.

The results of this year’s WINTEL project will come in two publications: a pandemic impact report due mid 2021, followed by a broader market report later in the year.

About WIN
The Worldwide Independent Network connects and supports independent music trade associations globally. WIN acts as a global coordination and support body for the independent sector, focusing on its long-term development and sustainability. Our goal is to foster a diverse and vibrant ecosystem where all independent labels have equal access and opportunities. WIN is also a focal point for collecting and sharing knowledge about the independent sector and wider music industry at national and international level.
About House of Research
House of Research, based in Berlin, is an owner-managed research institute founded in 2000. They conduct empirical projects in the fields of technology, media, society and economy. Their expertise and many years of experience range from classical social science methods – qualitative and quantitative – to innovative, technology-oriented approaches.

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