Member led and music focused, Merlin is the largest and most trusted international digital music licensing partner for independents. WIN and Merlin have worked alongside each other on behalf of their respective members for many years, and continue to do so.

Merlin provides independents the means to own their future. Its membership consists of independent labels, distributors, and other rights-holders from around the world, representing 15% of the global digital market share. Members benefit from Merlin’s premium deals to help them compete at the highest levels, reach new audiences and drive incremental revenue streams.

Merlin members who are also members of WIN trade associations receive a 1.5% admin fee (discounted from 3%). 

For full information about Merlin and the benefits of membership, visit:

The page provides details regarding Merlin’s team and corporate structure, membership details, Merlin’s premium deals and partnerships, data and insights, and reporting and finance capabilities.

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