Member led and music focused, Merlin is the largest and most trusted international digital music licensing partner for independents.

Merlin membership consists of independent labels, distributors, and other rights-holders. Merlin strikes premium deals with the industry’s most important digital partners, including Apple, Deezer, Facebook, Snap, Spotify, and YouTube, and makes those deals available to its members around the world.


Merlin provides independents the means to own their future. Members benefit from Merlin’s premium deals to help them compete at the highest levels, reach new audiences and drive incremental revenue streams.

BENEFITS FOR WIN MEMBERS: If you are a member of a WIN trade association, Merlin charges a uniquely low admin fee of 1.5% based on the revenues you generate in the deals you participate in (discounted from 3%).

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Merlin provides significant benefits and licensing efficiencies to digital partners. As the independent’s key music licensing partner, a deal with Merlin could unlock up to 15% or more of the global music market.

As a digital partner, you only need a single agreement to license the most diverse music in the world. Merlin’s members deliver music in all genres and almost all languages, ranging from hip hop artists to EDM powerhouses, indie rockers to country singers, Afrobeats to Christian music, funk MCs to singer-songwriters, Latin to Indian, Reggaeton to EDM, and everything in between.

The Benefits of Merlin Partnership