WIN commissions study to analyze the digital value chain in Latin America

  • Research aims to characterize digital trends and generate data-driven strategies.
  • OLMI to carry out the analysis and results partnering with local stakeholders.
  • The survey is now open to independent record labels and artists operating in the region.

WIN has commissioned a new study to research and better understand the digital value chain in the Latin American independent music industry. The Latin American Independent Music Observatory (OLMI) has been tasked with carrying out the analysis and results in this unprecedent research, partnering with key stakeholders in the region.

The study has been designed to address the knowledge gap about the digital value chain and identify market inefficiencies that hinder the economic consolidation of the LATAM streaming economy. Its ultimate objective is to propose potential data-driven solutions by building capacity for independent music companies and their trade associations. The expected outcome includes a toolkit to implement standardized research in other territories around the world sharing common challenges.

OLMI will distribute an online survey in 13 countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. Alliances have been established with the Brazilian Association of Independent Music (ABMI), the Independent Music Industry Association of Chile (IMICHILE), the Independent Music Association of Paraguay (AMI PY), the University of the Arts of Ecuador, and the Mexican Association of Phonogram and Videogram Producers (AMPROFON), among others, to encourage the participation of the local actors. The research aims to identify key players, business models, and the economic impact of music streaming in the region.

This survey and the OLMI platform are pioneers in data collection because they also consider the existing social, cultural and economic variables in the region. They were born out of a need to analyze and make information available to better understand the independent ecosystem and to optimize decision-making, thereby promoting the economic consolidation of Latin America

Cristóbal Dañobeitia, director of OLMI

The Latin American Independent Music Observatory was launched in 2021 by trade associations A.S.I.Ar, ABMI and IMICHILE, with the support of WIN. Its first results covering 11 countries were published in 2022. OLMI’s online platform charted the macroeconomic panorama of each territory and provided a first-ever overview of the region from an independent perspective. This new study commissioned by WIN will contribute to a better understanding of the music streaming economy in Latin America.

The survey is available in Spanish and Portuguese here.

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