WINCON is WIN’s annual conference for the network of independent music trade associations. In this event our members meet to share knowledge and resources, to learn from each other, and to celebrate being part of a global community. 

The first global get-together of independent music trade associations was held in 2013 at Midem. Renamed WINCON in 2015, it is WIN’s annual member conference.

Representatives from all member associations around the world meet every year to exchange experiences and learn about new developments on a variety of topics, including:

  • Membership management
  • Finance
  • Advocacy
  • Industry standards
  • Market intelligence
  • Sustainability


June 28 – Online

  • 12 Month Overview
  • Delivering benefits while remaining sustainable through innovative and inclusive approaches
  • The changing face of policy in age of COVID
  • The physical bottleneck: what can indies do about backups in vinyl pressing plants
  • The future of music: how audio is changing, how streaming is changing, how creator tools are evolving


December 13 – Online

  • The Future of Market Research
  • A Sustainable Future: How Independent Music Can Go Green
  • The Value of WIN: Resources and Projects for the Independent Community
  • WIN 15th anniversary celebration