What we do

WIN unites the independent music industry around the world, enabling independents to exchange knowledge, extract best practices and exert our collective strength.

For more detail on our mission and priorities, click here. To see what we have achieved so far, visit our 15 Defining Moments. Access documents and resources here.


  • Facilitate networking and collaboration, joining up independent music markets in the world to remain competitive in today’s globalised music economy.
  • Build capacity, helping independent music trade associations be more sustainable by providing support, resources and organising events like WINCON
  • Foster associativity, aiding independent music companies in emerging markets build local structures and coordinating regional networks.
  • Collate market intelligence about the independent sector, publishing WINTEL and collaborating with projects like OLMI
  • Champion the value of independent labels and indie-led organisations like Merlin.
  • Promote best practices, advocating for transparency and fairness with artists with the Fair Digital Deals and promoting equality, diversity and sustainability in our sector.
  • Coordinate global action against market concentration and other abuses.
  • Return more value to the sector, assisting independents navigate the complex and ever-changing world of international performance rights management and promoting best practices for MLCs.
  • Develop innovative tools to standardise and simplify rights management, like the Repertoire Data Exchange (RDx).


WIN Newsletter
Monthly newsletter with member updates, special benefits and useful resources.
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Creative Industries News
Free subscription to Emmanuel Legrand’s prestigious newsletter Creative Industries News. Annual Subscription Worth: $300 / Year
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Music Ally
Free subscription to Music Ally Business Information service. Annual Subscription Worth: £399.99 / Year
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Annual conference for the network of independent music trade associations.
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International Conferences
Free passes and discounts to the most important music conferences in the world.
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Funding Opportunities
WIN associations are eligible to apply for capacity building funds and sponsorships for specific projects.
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Members of WIN associations receive a 1.5% admin fee (discounted from 3%) at Merlin, the digital music licensing for independents.
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Members of WIN associations can benefit from a fee waiver to onboard RDx, the industry data portal for the supply and exchange of performance rights repertoire data with MLCs.
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Performance Rights Assistance
Guidance and assistance to navigate the world of international performance rights management.
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