Performance Rights

WIN’s work in the performance rights space focuses on directly assisting associations and their members, and representing the independent sector at industry level.

WIN supports independent music trade associations and their members navigate the complex and ever-changing world of international performance rights management.


WIN Performance Rights Initiative was launched in 2012. Led by the WIN Secretariat together with a focus group of member record company experts, it provides assistance to independent music trade associations and their members.


RDx is a joint-venture between WIN and IFPI. It is the industry data portal for the supply and exchange of performance rights repertoire data between record companies and Music Licensing Companies.

RDx launched in 2020 with 4 leading Music Licensing Companies (PPL, SENA, Re:Sound and Gramex Finland) and 4 independent and major record companies using the service.

AGEDI, SCF and GVL have joined in 2021, and a growing number of MLCs and right holders are preparing to join RDx through 2022.

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WIN is a member of DDEX, a standards setting organisation focused on the creation of digital value chain standards to make the exchange of data and information across the music industry more efficient.

WIN brings the independents’ perspective to various working groups to ensure standards are developed in harmony with the sector’s needs, in particular with the Recording Data and Rights (DDEX RDR).

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The paper below (in English, Spanish and Portuguese) summarises the key considerations which trade associations, labels, and rights holders need to be considering and acting on regarding performance rights and the pandemic.