WIN will travel to Mexico to promote an association of independent music companies

A delegation from WIN, the international organization that connects and supports national associations of independent music companies, will visit Mexico in March to promote the establishment of a trade association in the country. WIN CEO Noemí Planas will lead a workshop on Monday, March 20th. Mexican record companies interested in forming a body to represent them and defend their interests are welcome to join.

Joining Planas will be Oliver Knust, director of the Chilean music export brand Chilemúsica and WIN board member; Francisca Sandoval, executive director of IMICHILE, the trade association for the Chilean independent music industry; Tweety González, musician, producer and board member of ASIAr, the association of independent labels of Argentina; Alejandro Varela, director of S-Music board member of ASIAr; Richard Burgess, CEO of the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM); Cristóbal Dañobeitia, director of the Latin American Observatory of Independent Music (OLMI); Nore Chesapik, director of Montgrí and member of UFi, the association of independent record labels of Spain; and Kin Martínez, director of Esmerarte, member of UFi and president of Es_Música, the Spanish federation of music.

Mexico and the LatAm Network

With a population of over 130 million and 70% internet penetration, Mexico is one of the world’s largest music streaming markets. In 2021, the recorded music industry grossed $284.7 million. Located at the crossroads of North and South America, it is often considered the gateway to Latin America. Mexico has a rich and diverse music scene, and its cultural ties to the Latin American region have helped make it one of the fastest growing music markets in the world. Its capital, Mexico City, is known as the new streaming mecca.

Despite these impressive figures, Mexico does not have a trade body representing the independent recorded music industry. WIN has 34 members in 38 countries across Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas, representing thousands of companies and professionals. One of WIN’s main objectives is to strengthen the sector by encouraging the development of new associations and fostering regional alliances. Launched by WIN in 2020, the LatAm Network is a collaborative forum to discuss challenges in the context of the region, promote dialogue and exchange, and create opportunities for independent music companies in Latin America and abroad.


As a continuation of the work of recent years, and to achieve the goals of WIN and the LatAm Network, the workshop “Roadmap to Starting an Independent Music Trade Association in Mexico” will be held on Monday, March 20th at the Managers Anónimos offices in Colonia Roma Norte (PÚBLICO Roma coworking). Attendees will learn the main aspects to consider and next steps, as well as the benefits of WIN membership. Speakers from Argentina, Chile, Spain and the United States will share best practices and success stories. Participants will be encouraged to work together to lay the groundwork for launching an initiative in Mexico in 2023. 

This event is possible thanks to the collaboration of Grupo Anónimos, Discos Panoram and deGira. The WIN delegation will also join the Vive Latino festival and Aldea Musical activities.

Mexican record companies interested in joining the workshop can register here:

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