WIN unveils ISRC Factsheet to educate about its importance and correct implementation

WIN is pleased to announce the release of a factsheet on the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC). This easy-to-understand 2-page resource, available in 6 languages, aims to educate and empower record labels, music professionals, artists and other stakeholders providing valuable insights into the importance of the ISRC code and how to properly implement it.

The ISRC is a unique identifier for sound recordings and music videos that enables accurate tracking and monitoring of music usage across the music supply chain including radio, television, streaming services, collective management organizations, and more. ISRC codes are key to ensuring accurate data reporting and royalty payments. Missing, invalid or duplicate ISRCs can lead to significant delays to creators being paid for the use of their works or not being paid at all.

The newly unveiled factsheet provides simple and clear explanations, practical information and useful links. It covers topics such as the structure of the ISRC, the process of assigning codes, and when to assign new ones. Based on the more comprehensive ISRC Handbook published by IFPI, the International ISRC Agency, the WIN factsheet is intended to serve as the go-to resource for independent music companies seeking to navigate the intricacies of the ISRC system.

Understanding the significance of the ISRC is vital for all music industry professionals. It is critical for data flow and accurate monetization across digital platforms and CMOs. With this resource, we hope to help record labels get the most out of this standard while avoiding common mistakes.

Noemí Planas, WIN CEO

WIN and its member associations remain committed to supporting the independent music community by fostering knowledge sharing and promoting resources and best practices. To this effect, AIM has recently signed the UK Industry Agreement on Music Streaming Metadata, recognizing the ISRC as one of the core data elements that should routinely be provided to streaming services with a recording.

The factsheet is available for download in 6 languages:

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