WINTRENDS: new market research report

WINTRENDS is our new market research report. It integrates the findings of a major collaborative global survey conducted in 2021 and contributions from independent music companies and trade associations around the world.

WINTRENDS turns the spotlight on the trends observed across the independent recorded music sector globally, encapsulating a broad picture of the sector that demonstrates its resilience despite the many challenges it faces.

The report provides an overview of the key themes and factors having the greatest impact on the recorded music industry today, featuring a series of articles that look at the issues from a variety of perspectives, highlighting the value of a diverse independent music ecosystem that strives to find opportunities.

WINTRENDS includes articles on the role and value of independent labels, IMPALA’s plan to fix streaming, the sector’s opposition to Discovery Mode, vinyl supply chain challenges, regional spotlights for Asia and Latin America, and many more.

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