WIN paper on impact of Covid-19 on the performance rights sector

April 24th 2020

WIN’s Performance Rights focus group, which includes experts from various member labels, met to review the impact on the global performance rights sector of measures to address the Covid-19 crisis around the world. This is of special importance for the music sector, since the effects of the crisis are significant and wide reaching.

We have compiled the input and shared knowledge in a guidance paper (available in English, Spanish and Portuguese) which summarises the key points to be aware of. It sets out the key considerations which trade associations, labels and right holders need to be thinking about and acting on right now.

We hope that it will be useful to a wide range of labels around the world and we encourage everybody to share it as broadly as possible.

WIN Chief Operating Officer Charlie Phillips said: Covid-19 crisis is impacting every area of our lives, and in the music industry the performance rights sector is among the hardest hit. The nature of collective rights management is inherently complex, yet we are already seeing a downturn in revenues around the world. As we continue to assist the collective licensing organisations in their work to deal with this, we are in turn focussing on assisting the independent labels and sound recording right holders in our membership. The WIN impact assessment paper is a resource setting out the current knowledge of main areas of concern, and measures which labels and right holders can take right now, to help them through the crisis both now and in the future.

This is part of WIN’s ongoing work in rights and licensing to support trade associations and individual independent companies in the area of performance rights, especially on a cross border basis. We track developments in collective licensing around the world, with working groups and one-to-one support available to any association member label. We pay particular attention to assisting the independent sector navigate the complex and ever-changing world of international performance rights management, with the focus on troubleshooting problems of a more practical nature for companies.

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