Turkey’s first association of independent labels joins WIN

BMYD, Turkey’s first association of independent music companies, has officially joined the WIN family, following their admission as IMPALA members. The Turkish trade association becomes the 34th member of WIN, now expanding its reach to 38 countries.

The Independent Music Producers Association was established with the coming together of Turkey’s seven leading independent record labels in Turkey: ARTVIZYON, BUGU YAPIM, EPIDEMIK YAPIM, GRGDN MUZIK, PAY RECORDS YAPIM, WE PLAY and ZOOM MUSIC.

BMYD has been in contact with WIN and other international independent music organisations such as IMPALA and Merlin for some time, and was established in the last quarter of 2021 with the aim of becoming an institution where independent music producers in Turkey gathered under the same roof for the first time.

Primary objectives of the new association are:

  • Ensuring access to equal, competitive and fairer opportunities for independents in the music industry;
  • Being in contact with all local, national and international institutions and organisations operating in the music and entertainment fields and conveying current sectoral developments to its members;
  • Enabling different music genres to meet their listeners more easily and effectively;
  • Assuring independents, who are members of the association, can access information transparently through real-time data flow;
  • Working to maximise revenues, creating new sources of income, contributing to the growth of the music market;
  • Paving the way for independent productions and producers;
  • Preventing the monopolisation of the sector.

WIN looks forward to working with president Hadi Elazi and the BMYD board of directors to further develop the music sector in Turkey and to connect it to the broader global independent network.



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