Repertoire Data Exchange (RDx)

RDx is a joint-venture between IFPI and WIN. It is the industry supply chain for exchanging performance rights repertoire data between record companies and Music Licensing Companies.

RDx stands for Repertoire Data Exchange. It is a new pan-industry technical service to deliver data about sound recordings within the performance rights sector.

RDx is a data exchange mechanism, based on the DDEX “Recording Data and Rights” (RDR) standards. It allows music licensing companies (MLCs) to populate their databases of sound recordings with more accurate and consistent data, in a more timely and efficient way.

RDx is essentially a message hub. It receives data from record companies, or their appointed data delivery partners, and forwards this data on to all the MLCs around the world that subscribe to the service. Record companies still need to maintain membership and mandates with Music Licensing Companies. RDx is a mechanism for improving the delivery of data, but does not affect other aspects of the way performance rights work is managed.

RDx is a joint venture company operated on a 50:50 basis by the global trade associations IFPI and WIN. The technology design was undertaken by a cross-industry and global group of record companies and Music Licensing Companies, in a project coordinated by IFPI and WIN. RDx Limited conducted a worldwide RFP and selected PPL UK as the best entity to deliver and operate the technology required for RDx.

RDx launched in 2020 and is being used by world leading independent and major record companies and a growing number of Music Licensing Companies around the world. For information about terms and joining, contact

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