WIN Statement on Copyright Royalty Board Review – 5th October 2015

The worldwide independent industry calls for the maintenance of single
rate collective licensing in the US as it ensures that there can be no
discrimination towards artists and companies in an already highly
competitive market place. To create imbalances in what companies and the
artists signed to them receive from digital transactions will simply cause
harm, and not serve expansion of choice for the consumer and for the
creative community.

The independents’ catalogues are ­ it could be said ­ the ­ essential
ingredient to success in the digital market place but the majors continue
to try and split the industry apart to leverage more for themselves at the
expense of everyone else. If this is allowed to take root in the US it
will have disastrous consequences for the whole industry.

Worldwide, the independents have always upheld the benefits of collective
licensing to provide certainty and efficiency to licensors, licensees and
the consumer ­ not to achieve a rate it may be assumed independents
couldn’t otherwise get for themselves. This is completely missing the
point. The benefits of collective licensing in an emerging market is to
support innovation and competition ­ multiple statutory rates would kill
that stone dead.

Alison Wenham

Chief Executive, WIN