Mission and purpose

WIN exists to support the independent music community through interaction with representative trade organisations and groups, and working directly with international music industry bodies on issues of global significance.

Examples of key issues on WIN’s agenda are:

  • Monitoring the policies and effectiveness of collective rights management and licensing organisations for independent rights holders
  • Working directly with collecting societies to ensure independent rights holders’ interests are properly represented internationally
  • Providing legal and commercial support to independent trade associations
  • Development of independent trade associations and representative groups in countries where they do not yet exist
  • Supporting member trade associations in national copyright, legislative and related issues
  • Future protection and development of independent music companies in a rapidly changing market.

Note on Membership:

WIN is a network of independent industry trade bodies representing sound recording rights holders. It does not have individual company members or affiliates, as these are represented by their local trade bodies.

A list of WIN member trade bodies can be found here: http://winformusic.org/win-members/

We suggest you find the one which is active in your country, and contact them to discuss membership or other affiliation.

If a trade association does not exist in your country, and you would like to discuss a possible membership of WIN, please contact the WIN Secretariat.

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