WIN Resources

Links to downloadable WIN resources for members:

WIN Roadmap to Germany (Download September 2017)

WINCHARTS – WIN Global Charts Report 2017 (Download March 2017)

WIN collecting society directory (Download)

WIN Collecting Society Directory – Simplified (October 2016)

List of current WIN Council members (October 2016)

WIN Manifesto (Created January 2013)

WIN Manifesto: quotes of support


WIN Presentations:

WIN data workshop – Rio Music Buzz (September 2014)

WIN Primavera data presentation (May 2014)

WIN AMAEI Portugal presentation (April 2014)

WIN Berlin Music Week (September 2013)

WIN Poland April2013 (April 2013)

WIN AMAEI Portugal presentation (April 2013)

WIN performance rights session at Eurosonic (January 2013)

WIN presentation at Medimex Italy (December 2012)


Resources provided by TAs

Here you will find links to a variety of reports made available by other global trade associations and organisations. Please let us know if there is anything that you would like added.

ADISQ: Current situation of the music industry in November 2014 (French)

AIR: ARIA Releases 2015 Wholesale Figures 2015 (English)

CIMA: Sound Analysis, An Examination of the Canadian Independent Music Industry, 2013 (English)

GERMANYMusic Industry Report Summary, 2015 (English)

IFPI: Digital Music Report – Link to most recent year (Chinese, English and Italian)

MERLIN: Annual Member Survey 2015 (English)

MERLIN: Merlin Presentation: Who is Merlin, 2015 (English)

RIAJ: RIAJ Yearbooks – Link to all available years (English)

VUT: The German Music Market, 2016 (English and German)