Iggy Pop champions the Independents

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Iggy Pop was chosen to deliver the fourth John Peel Lecture which took place last week at the Radio Festival in Salford. The annual occasion invites a notable figure from the music industry to shape a debate and create insight around music and music-related media. This year Iggy Pop decided to focus the theme of his discussion on “Free Music in a Capitalist Society,” a struggle which he believes never ends.

Calling attention to the innovation, creativity and risk taking nature that is evident amongst independent labels Iggy states that “as the commercial trade swings more into general showbiz, the indies will be the only place to go for new talent, outside the Mickey Mouse Club.” He discusses multi-national conglomerate executives with evident distaste advising young artists not to take their money , he then laughs as BBC 6Music had to ask him who they good guys are after reading the speech. “Well there are lots of them” he reveals “and today there are more than ever and they’re just about all indies”

He goes on to endorse the position of the Fair Digital Deals Declaration that was launched by WIN earlier this year in June, saying that global independents “were right to band together and sign the Fair Digital Deals Declaration” especially at a time when the strength of the indies is evident on many of the established streaming platforms. If you’d like to find out what Iggy Pop thinks the majors spend  the unattributable income on, that is diverted from their artists streaming royalties, you can listen back to the speech here. Or you can read the NME overview here.

To join the global independent record labels that support the Fair Digital Deals Declaration you can read the pledge and sign up here.

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