WIN discussion at Westway Lab, Portugal

In April 2016, WIN was invited to participate at Westway Lab, Portugal’s leading international music industry conference. Charlie Phillips was interviewed by Nuno Saraiva from AMAEI, and did a Q&A session on the work that WIN does to support independent music associations around the world. Since WIN has been succeeded in implementing a number of important industry initiatives in Portugal, it was a great opportunity to review some of these projects, and use them as case studies for independent associations in other countries. In the audience were representatives from Spain, Hungary, Holland, Germany, the UK and other countries, helping inform a wide range of international participants about WIN’s work.

Charlie Phillips and Nuno Saraiva at Westway Lab 2016

Charlie Phillips (l) and Nuno Saraiva at Westway Lab 2016 (image copyright Os Fredericos, The Movie Makes, reproduced with permission)

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